Alternative Treatments for ADHD: The Feingold Diet

If you’re the parent of a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), then you know there is nothing you won’t do to help your child. Even families that are already following a treatment plan that includes medication, usually continue to actively seek alternative treatments for ADHD.

One of the most used types of alternative ADHD treatment is diet.

Although some people have doubts, in many studies sugar and carbs have been shown to increase hyperactivity. The belief is that sugar and carbs, which enter the blood stream very quickly, spike blood sugar levels causing hyperactivity.

Although it is not proven that diets rich in sugar cause ADHD, it’s recommended that children with ADHD get enough fiber in their diet to control adrenaline levels. Oatmeal, lots of whole grains, and many fruits like berries have fiber.

One ADHD alternative treatment that takes a dietary approach is the Feingold diet.

The Feingold Diet for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The Feingold diet was created by Ben Feingold. This diet treats hyperactivity by taking out artificial things such as color preservatives and flavors in the food. Many studies disapprove of Feingold’s diet but many parents have said that their children have had improved behavior because of this diet.

Many parents stop their children from eating some foods that may worsen their behavior if consumed. Especially sugar rich foods. Some experts say that behavioral changes occur in this diet only because of the communication between the children and parents.

Theories of the elimination diet have stated that only the behavior improves because of changes in behavior and not changes in diet.

Elimination diets cannot be too restricted because of lack of certain nutrients. Always talk to your child’s doctor to before treatment in ADHD.

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