Adding Steps To Your Day

In our busy lives it’s often difficult to find the time, and energy, to exercise.  I chase my kids all around the house, schoolwork, meetings, soccer practices — it’s never ending and there never seems to be time to go to the gym.  But there are ways you can work a little exercise into your day by just changing your habits.  Here are some ideas.

1.  If you take the train/subway, bypass the escalators.  Walking up/down those steps twice a day — you’ll feel it in your thighs and calves.

2. Bike to the store.  You know when your honey says, “I need you to run to the store, I forgot something.”  Forget the car.  Hop on your bike and make your way to the convenience store.  You’ll burn calories and save gas.

3. At work, bypass the elevators.  Even if you just start with one floor and pick up the elevator on the next, this is an easy way to add some steps.

4. At work, keep a comfortable pair of walking shoes on hand.  Cut your lunch short, or take a “coffee break” by going on a brisk walk.

5. Get a pedometer.  When you know how much you move in a day (or how little) you’ll be surprised at how motivated you’ll become to increase that total.

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