Articles on Healthy Journey talk about the fun and frustrations of fitness, nutrition and living a healthy life. We emphasize the benefits of nutrition through food, natural treatments for everyday issues, and finding the joy of optimal living.

My Story
A few years ago, as I approached a milestone birthday, I took a look at my health and knew it was time to make some changes. I smoked, rarely exercised and my diet was out of whack. One change at a time, I’m remaking my life. This is my journey.

I don’t believe in vitamins and supplements and have come to realize that whole food is the only option that is both safe and beneficial for long-term health.

About This Site
Healthy-Journey.com is about sharing the path towards health with others. It’s my collection of links, articles, recipes, and tips for creating a healthier lifestyle.

Join the discussion, send me your ideas or favorite tips using the form on the contact page. If you’re near Long Beach, attend an event to learn how you can add more high-quality fruits and vegetables into your daily meals.

Everything we need to prevent disease and be healthy is available in the natural bounty of foods on this planet.