About Good Walking Shoes

When you find a pair of walking shoes that you really like it can sometimes be hard to let them go once they are worn out but it’s important not to use them for walking shoes after they have reached that point. Most shoe stores suggest that you replace them after 300 miles if you are overweight or have very light weight shoes and to replace them after 600 miles if you have a higher end walking shoe that can take more mileage before breaking down.

When buying walking shoes it’s important to make sure that they are the right ones for your feet. Not only does everyone wear a different size many people have wide feet or walk on the insides or outsides of their soles. Some ways to make sure that you are choosing the right walking shoe includes:

  1. Choose walking shoes that have supportive, rounded heels
  2. A flexible sole is important in order to allow the toe area to bend properly
  3. A breathable, light weight shoe can make walking easier than a heavy shoe
  4. Make sure to maintain a half an inch from the tip of the shoe to the tip of your toe
  5. The heel of your foot should stay steady and not slip up or down
  6. Try walking shoes on with the socks that you will use while walking
  7. Take the shoes for a trial walk around the store or mall

When purchasing walking shoes make sure to consider the type of arch you have. Arches have three basic categories:

High arches are when the arch of your foot curves high and this can put strain on the muscles of your feet because you are taking almost all of the stress of walking on the balls of your feet and your heels. If you have high arches you should look for shoes that have extra padding in the arch area.

Low arches are also commonly known as flat feet and there is typically not enough arching in the foot. Walking shoes for flat feet will have some built up within the arch area but not as much as other types of shoes.

Neutral arches are considered normal and have just the right amount of curvature in the arch area. These shoes will not be built up or lowered; they will be a standard walking shoe.

Buying some shoes may be all about the look but when purchasing walking shoes you need to make sure that you are buying the correct ones for your body and feet. Don’t forget that most sales associates are trained to help you find the best walking shoe available for you.

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