5 Aging Exercise Myths That are Old and Tired!

Getting older doesn’t have to rob you of your independence or your carefree lifestyle. If you’re a baby boomer then— like it or not—you’re approaching “senior” status. As we age, it is important to know that the negative stereotypes about age and physical activity are rarely true. Those myths about the dangers of exercise program after 60, well, those aren’t quite the real deal either.

Aging adults, or any adult for that matter, can improve the quality of their lives with physical activity. Fitness is important to all of us no matter what our age. By adopting a regular fitness program, you’ll see that getting and staying healthy is the real key to feeling young.

Start moving by pushing out the top 5 myths about exercise and getting older.

I can’t start working out at my age.

This is the most dangerous myth of all. You are never too old to perform some sort of physical activity to better your health. In the beginning, you may have a few restrictions depending on your present condition, but that doesn’t have to stop you.

Aerobics are dangerous!

Aerobics don’t have to be a high impact activity. Light to moderate aerobic activity is enough to make a difference if your long-term health. In addition, hip fractures are most often due to falls not exercising. Regular exercise improves balance and core strength — both of which will keep you on your toes and off the floor.

My heart isn’t strong enough for strenuous exercise.

Exercise can actually reduce your risk of heart disease, but it’s definitely important to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Stick to your doctor’s recommendations and you are more likely to succeed.

I’m too fat to exercise.

Age-related weight-gain is one of the best reasons to exercise. It is true that our metabolisms slow down as we age, but that can also be corrected with proper diet and strength training exercises. You can still lose weight and feel great. There are always exercises that you can if you’re overweight until you feel comfortable doing more.

I’m too old to lift weights.

Strength training is the best way to increase your metabolism, strengthen you bones and build muscle. Even if you’ve never lifted anything heavier than a loaded fork, you can start with dumbbells weighing as little as 2 pounds each and do simple exercises that will result in toned muscles and strengthened bones.

What have you been told about exercise? If it is any of the above quotes, then you have fallen for an exercise myth. If you want to get active, go ahead. Get fit for life!

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