3 Small Steps to Big Change

small steps for big changeWhen I first started this journey, whole life changes were too overwhelming to contemplate. I needed to start small in order to succeed. In fact, even now, almost a year later I continue to make small changes. And, looking at my life today, it’s amazing how those simple steps added up to monumental differences.
The smallest (and slowest) changes I made were in regard to fitness. I found lots of little ways to move more without actually having it feel like exercise.

1. Park far away and shop, shop, shop. Take an hour to go window-shopping. It’s fun and doesn’t have to cost a thing. Start by parking in one of the furthest spots you can find. Then, once you reach your destination try on 5-10 outfits. It’s motivating to see the changes to your body as clothes start to fit differently and it’s a simple way to add extra movement to your Saturday afternoon.

2. Stop Munching and Start Marching. Have a favorite show? Instead of getting a snack during the commercial, get up and get moving! March in place, do a little dance, toss in a few jumping jacks. It’s usually less than 5 minutes at a time, and for popular shows you’ll get in several mini-work out sessions.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Reach for the Stairs. We’ve all heard the advice: choose the stairs over the elevator. Well, I work on the first floor. So each morning I would walk up to the second floor and come back down before going in to work. It only took a little minute, but it made a difference in my thinking and the next time I came across an opportunity to take the stairs three or four flights didn’t seem so daunting.

These fitness tips are simple to implement, and may seem too small to make a difference. But, the truth is everyone has to start somewhere. I always treated exercise as a dirty word, and these are the steps that helped me to change my mindset — to realize that I am capable of moving more. What types of small changes have made a difference to you? Share your tips by leaving a comment below.

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